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The work we do at Transition-HQ is vital to move us towards a future in which we live within the boundaries of what the planet can provide.

The more transition leaders we have in our communities, the more effective this transformation will be – but we need your help.

If you’re not in a position to do the course yourself but you have resources and a desire to make an impact, consider sponsoring a place or a whole group on our Real Transition Leaders course.

This gives you a chance to be part of the growing transition movement in a meaningful way. Giving someone else the chance to learn, understand and act will make a huge difference to a future leader in your community or organisation.

Call us on +64 27 242 6471 to discuss how you can support the next generation of transition leaders.

Case study: Barnett and MacMurray Ltd sponsorship

“Every day we see the impacts of climate change, not just in the news but through the work we do in our river and flood management consulting business. We know  the issues are massive and want to do everything we can to accelerate a sensible transition to a low emissions and sustainable world.

We understand that few approaches to sustainability are very effective and that it is critical to take an approach that is founded on science, mathematics and engineering. With that in mind, we decided to sponsor a group of young emerging leaders to do the Real Transition Leaders course.

The course design is founded on the transition engineering methodology and our hope was that by sponsoring a course we could not only help some emerging leaders but also assist the team at THQ to continue developing this promising program.

Grant and Fiona took care of everything and we had some great feedback from the group of young people, who felt more equipped to tackle the challenges of transition and start leading others.”

- Vicki and Hugh at Barnett and MacMurray Ltd

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