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Who we are

We are a small, dedicated team rapidly developing with our clients, associates and research partners. Thought leaders in a variety of fields we are converging on the critical aspects of cross disciplinary transition. 

In 2018, Grant Symons and Fiona van Petegem were introduced by Professor Susan Krumdieck at the University of Canterbury. She was developing a branch of engineering called transition engineering, an emerging interdisciplinary methodology of large-scale systems change that would facilitate a future state of reduced emissions, materials and energy use.

Grant and Fiona saw how essential Susan’s research was and understood that it urgently needed to be shared with the public in an accessible way. Drawing on Grant’s background in strategy, project and change management and organisational capability development, and Fiona’s background in engineering, manufacturing and process engineering, they created Transition-HQ. It became a registered company in New Zealand in 2019 and has been steadily growing ever since.

While there is much debate about what New Zealand’s future could and should be, what is still missing from the larger conversation is how we do the work of innovating, engineering, and enabling the real transition. With the help of its partners, network of associates and dedicated reference group, Transition-HQ continues to develop the knowledge, tools, practices and insights that support and facilitate individuals, communities and regions on their own successful unique transitions.


Grant Symons


Grant is a consultant and leader with 30 years’ experience in systems change design and implementation, and a unique ability to help clients understand and effectively address difficult transition challenges. He is a thought leader in large-scale transition and a skilled advisor and facilitator in strategy and operationalisation of new capability. Grant is on the board of trustees for the Global Association for Transition Engineering and has authored more than 150 articles relating to the field of transition.


Fiona van Petegem

Head of consulting practice

Fiona has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and an MBA in International Industrial Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen, Germany. With 20 years of experience in industry and 12 years in mentoring and management, Fiona plays a key role in shaping and delivering our research and product portfolio and client engagements.


Mark Kroening

Leadership coach

Mark coaches leaders and influencers in the Real Transition Leaders course, to help them move their organisations in the direction of place-based resilience, so they are better for the places the organisation occupies. Mark trained as a coach through Columbia University, has an MBA, a Master of Public Policy, and a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), and has worked globally in management consulting, sustainability strategy and sailboat rigging design.

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