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Climate Collage workshop

This collaborative discovery workshop helps you understand the essential issues of the climate crisis in an engaging three-hour experience.

The Climate Collage Workshop was developed by Cedric Ringenbach, an engineering professor of climate science and energy based in France, to make the 2000-page Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report accessible to everyone.

The workshop can be delivered virtually or in person. The in-person approach is preferred by customers when the purpose of the workshop is team building or aligning a group before embarking on a new project or strategy making effort to ensure a solid grounding in the major contextual issues.

Over three hours, you’ll use the 42 Climate Collage cards and
New Zealand-specific data to establish cause-and-effect relationships, and discuss the implications for the future.

The workshop does not provide solutions, rather presents objective facts to help with future decision-making. It is designed to be a fun learning and team-building experience that gets people on the same page.

Participating in a Climate Collage Workshop, you’ll develop a robust foundational approach to understanding climate change, an understanding of the role of humans in the system, an identification of tangible next steps, and renewed energy to participate in future action.

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Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to understand the key issues of the climate crisis as laid out in the IPCC report, without having to read the report themselves. The workshop provides an ideal foundation for new and existing teams to challenge their own perceptions, assumptions, and mindsets.


Team building


Strategy making


Project team kick off


Exec education

Pricing and dates

Price on application.

If your organisation has a group wishing to participate, please get in touch to discuss starting dates.

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