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Real Transition Navigation

In a world facing rapid, complex challenges, such as climate dynamics, technological advancements, and shifting global narratives, the call for resilient and adaptable leadership has never been more pressing.

Real Transition Navigation is a foundational course designed to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead successful systemic change and thrive in a continuously evolving landscape.

Who will benefit?

Our course is for:

Organizations: To cultivate systemic resilience and adaptability.


Leaders and Managers: To master the art of steering effective culture change and transition strategies.


HR Professionals: To develop future capabilities.


Change Agents: To catalyse impactful ground up transition.


Teams: To develop new connections and practices.

Course Highlights:

Interactive Learning: Engage in a virtual, facilitator-led program, fostering a collaborative learning environment.


Strategic Insights: Gain profound understanding of transition dynamics and strategic thinking for real-world application.


Inclusive Approach: Embrace diversity and inclusivity for heightened creativity and decisive action.


Expert Guidance: Benefit from the guidance of seasoned experts with a global perspective on transition leadership.


Transformative Outcomes:


By the end of this course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the critical elements and processes that underpin successful transition.


With a focus on innovation, strategic thinking, and navigating constraints, our course empowers you to become an ambassador of change, ready to address and overcome the unique challenges of our time.

Begin your journey to transition excellence and organizational adaptability with Real Transition Leadership. Explore our course further and witness firsthand accounts of transformation at Real Transition Leadership

What do you need help with?


Understanding the emerging context


Team and trust building


Starting a new project


Creating or revising strategy


All Videos

All Videos
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Jamie Silk - Seeing the big picture

Jamie Silk - Seeing the big picture

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Dr. Hugh MacMurray - The future, by design or disaster?

Dr. Hugh MacMurray - The future, by design or disaster?

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Ana Passadore - Great powers and responsibilities

Ana Passadore - Great powers and responsibilities

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Nathan Surendran - Future generations need resources and optionality.

Nathan Surendran - Future generations need resources and optionality.

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"Many of us, these days, seem to have trouble seeing the horizon — we seem no longer able to imagine a future or even to say what “the future” is. In particular, we are unable to imagine a system of economic arrangements founded on something other than insatiable need. What we need is not technological solutions — more stuff — so much as new habits of reasoning about how we relate to one another and our milieu. Real Transition Leaders gives organizations a head start cultivating such new habits"

Josh Berson - Author of The Human Scaffold and Co-director of Time Kitchen

Who is this for?

This course is ideal for groups or teams of up to 8 people who are ready to take a more active role in their communities; businesses or industries; or members of companies or councils who will act as torchbearers of a resilient transition within the organisation.

Pricing and dates

This program is a unique opportunity to be part of an emerging movement dedicated to a real transition. The course costs $2750+GST per participant and includes online platform and resource access.

If your organisation has a group wishing to participate, get in touch to discuss starting dates. Individuals should register their details to be added to the waitlist.

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