Are we amidst the most significant transition in the evolution of human civilisation?

Certainly we are facing uncharted territory and there are significant opportunities and risks in every direction. If we are to be successful we will need to find our own path and avoid pitfalls.

THQ will help you navigate your own path.

We will help you discover and develop your own cross-functional team capability that enables you to transition on a perpetual basis. Developing your people or combining with others, you will use an evidence based approach and apply it to your own real time challenges. We will help you get started, teach you, coach you and stand with you along the way

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Understand your big picture and what you need to do to create alignment and momentum


Take your people, community and customers on a journey of discovery and real progress


Help others know the real difference you make – attract support and maintain momentum

The stakes couldn't be higher as we face into the challenges and consequences of climate change, ecosystem degradation and a world that is increasingly struggling to reconcile inequities and imbalances in natural systems and man-made institutions. 

There are those that sense impending risk and opportunity, those that choose to deny or ignore it and those that are already on their journey towards a vision of a better future. 


A national-scale best practice platform for transition.

The Transition Mosaic incorporates leading academic research into the design and development of a large-scale transition delivery platform – New Zealand designed and developed.

We are considering expressions of interest for development partners and a full prospectus will be available in 2021.


Why does science and engineering play such a critical role in transition?

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