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Dramatic, ongoing changes in climate, legislation, the economy, society and markets, present significant emerging risks and opportunities. 

Success in navigating these conditions requires new ways of thinking and working, which is best managed by your own people with the help of external and independent support, not a team of consultants.

Being at the forefront of transition, we offer unique perspectives on how your organisation can best forge ahead in the swiftly changing world. We do that by taking a systems view, helping you direct the maths and engineering, and establishing what can continue, what needs to stop and what you need to develop.

We ask the uncomfortable questions and apply our own tools and experience to help you reach consensus on new objectives, develop your mission and culture, upskill your people and find your pathway to transition.

Within weeks, you will be clearer, more engaged, better aligned and increasingly confident about your strategy, transition roadmap and evolving innovation portfolio.

We are leaders in:

  • Transition strategy evaluation and creation

  • Transition feasibility study

  • Transition planning and portfolio design

  • Transition capability development

  • Transition risk review

  • Transition projects

  • Sustainability program evaluation

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Each project is unique, so please get in touch here or call us on +64 27 242 6471 to begin the conversation.

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Case study: Hamilton City Council vehicle fleet transition program

Hamilton City Council engaged Transition-HQ to help them develop a vehicle fleet transition program that will achieve the ambitious emissions reductions it requires.

With a wide variety of vehicle types, legacy management processes and systems in place, and a need to better understand the impact of new technologies and alternative transition pathways, they needed partnership advice and support for the transition journey ahead.

Through in-depth analysis and mentoring, we helped understand the appropriate mix of innovation and replacement required to achieve the objectives. The portfolio is an ongoing and living integrated approach comprising education, research, innovation, problem solving and ongoing tracking to ensure a smooth transition.

This has put Hamilton City Council in the position of being a trailblazer and role model for local councils in New Zealand.

“Transition-HQ are great to work with. They provide a practical and common-sense approach that keeps us on track and generates options for innovation on an ongoing basis.”

Louise Peat – Fleet manager, Hamilton City Council

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