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Research & development

Our research into what is happening at home and around the world provides a foundation for transitions across New Zealand.

We are continuously monitoring and evolving tools and practices, and updated insights and predictions are included in our guidance framework and Real Transition Leaders program.

Our relationships with academics, scientists and community leaders allow us to facilitate research at a greater depth, so we can help you solve problems and undertake projects backed by the most up-to-date knowledge available.

With our support, you’ll gain foresight and insight, build resilience and adaptive capacity, solve problems with innovative solutions, and go from risk management to strategic resilience.

University of Canterbury energy innovation research

We have a formal memorandum of understanding with the University of Canterbury to undertake research for clients with complex challenges.

We’re assisting with research for the university’s joint initiative with the electricity industry, Te Hiranga Pūhanga Hiko | Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre). The centre is New Zealand’s pioneering research centre for electric power and clean energy applications, established in 2002 to foster innovation in the field of energy production and guide the sector into the future.

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