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Transition Ambassadors Community

Our Transition Ambassadors Community is open to graduates of our foundation courses who are moving into transition advocacy and applied transition action.


As part of the community, you’ll work together to dive into the psychology of transition, advanced trust building and communication capabilities, and specific strategies for engaging and influencing various stakeholders as we grapple with climate change, inflation and structural shifts in geopolitics and economics.

The Transition Ambassadors community is curated by our Community leadership team. Sessions are conversational and developed with the cohort via Zoom and an online platform which provides the space to interact and develop with community members. 

You will develop your own unique communications strategy and tools, understand how to influence others on their journey and learn to frame challenges as opportunities for innovation.

Outside of session times, you will have access to exclusive content and resources, and the chance to engage in private with others in the community where you can build on ideas, seek input, and share support.

How are you advancing your transition advocacy?


Applying principles to your field


Developing communications strategies and tools


Reframing challenges as opportunities


Leading systems change

Who is this for?

Going beyond the Real Transition Leaders foundation course, the community is ideal for individuals and teams who are ready to take a more active role in their own communities; business owners preparing to meet industry challenges; or members of companies or councils who will act as torchbearers within the organisation.

Pricing and dates

Joining this community is a unique opportunity to be part of an emerging movement dedicated to a real transition. 

If your organisation has a group wishing to participate, get in touch to discuss starting dates and pricing. Individuals should register their details to be added to the waitlist.

Join our sponsorship program

Support us in our mission by sponsoring a place on the Real Transition Ambassadors course.

Real Transition Ambassadors Community

While we are all responsible for our own actions, real change can only come through collective action. This community provides exclusive access to a unique community of like-minded people working at the forefront of the transition. 

This forum is a secure place for you to explore your role in the changing world, to collaborate and share ideas. You will also get access to our ever-increasing library of articles based on our research and projects.

Whether you’re on an individual transition journey or have been tasked with leading your organisation through the process, the Real Transition Community will be a vital source of support and information.


“I really liked the simple steps presented and that the facilitators left it open for us to talk about the need for learning and community engagement all the way along. It has been a long time since I worked with such a group and would recommend this course to people interested in the transition to a low carbon and low energy world”

– Richard, innovation manager

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