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We help forward-thinking organisations, communities and individuals make sense of a turbulent world and create a roadmap towards
a resilient future.

A truly sustainable future requires us to rethink every aspect of our lives. We call this the real transition.

The real transition is holistic, evidence-based and built on a commitment to a better future for ourselves and the planet.

The first step towards that future is the hardest, so we offer education, guidance, and research to help you on the journey, with tailored solutions that deliver strategic resilience, increased capability and reduced risk.

With our help, you’ll create your own map for the lifelong journey towards a truly sustainable future.


Transition-HQ approaches the transition with a unique perspective, based on a paradigm of improved wellbeing, resilience and restoration, and reduced consumption, emissions and energy use. 

We will work with you to understand your current trajectory and offer guidance on a more effective and sustainable direction. We facilitate research to show you how to adjust your course and provide education that will develop your organisational leadership capability.

Guided by a reference group of strategic partners with technical, governance and management expertise, we see through the trends and short-term solutions to discern the long-term reality of the transition.

Want to learn more about the real transition and the work we do? Visit our FAQ page. Or, if you’re ready to start your journey towards the real transition, book an introductory consultation with one of our experts today. 

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Three pillars of transition

Our work is based on the pillars of education, guidance and research.


The Real Transition Leaders course gives you a clear understanding of your role in the future. Structured around a blend of theory and practical actions, this foundational course will change the way you approach the transition.


The transition journey can feel overwhelming, but our profound understanding and experience in the space helps you make the most of your resources and maximise the benefits of transition to your organisation.

Research & development

Our research toolkit and ecosystem draw on our expert reference group, universities and other industry leaders to give you the knowledge and perspectives you need for a deeper understanding.

Our values

Everything we do is led by our core values.

Truth of source: We trust science, traditional knowledge and evidence. We cut through the noise and look for the truth.

Integrity to course: We stay true to our values, commitments, relationships and plans. We believe in a better world for future generations.

Action and learning: We lead through research, education and ongoing development of ourselves and others.

Partnership in place: We seek to understand the unique environmental, social and economic requirements of each place we work in.

Trust: We know that the transition will be built on teamwork and high levels of trust.


“Anyone who has a stake in developing a new future should give this course a serious look. The Real Transition Leaders program hits the right note of engaging participants with new concepts and helping ground them in easy-to-understand examples. Helping ourselves and others think differently about the way we plan and develop our ability to transition is of paramount importance for our future.”

– Hannah, policy advisor

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