THQ reference group

Our reference group are the guardians of our direction, culture and practices, in the present and future.

Cory Sutherland

Cory brings a hopeful and innovative voice to the table, with a perspective that represents the young people whose futures will be most impacted by climate change. 


He is a recent University of Canterbury mechanical engineering graduate where he was introduced to the transition engineering philosophy, recognizing its potential to help us transform to a low emissions and low energy intensity society.


Cory’s passion for the environment and desire to leave the earth a better place has been years in the making: With parents who loved the outdoors, he considers himself very fortunate to have been on many adventures in untouched wilderness areas around the world.

Tanya Ruka

Tanya Te Miringa Te Rorarangi Ruka has a Master of Art & Design from AUT University. She is a Māori Indigenous artist and designer living in Pōneke, Aotearoa. Of Ngati Pakau, Te Uriroroi, Te Parawhau, Te Mahurehure Ngapuhi, and Waitaha Hokianga descent, she is active in environmental issues from an indigenous perspective in Aotearoa NZ and globally.


Tanya works with mātauranga Māori (ancestral knowledge and navigational tools) to design transitional Indigenous Futures and Indigenous Speculative Design pathways. Founder of the Region Net Positive platform curating indigenous wayfinding knowledge and establishing ancestral knowledge as an ineffable presence relevant in today's world.


She is currently working with dedicated indigenous and non-indigenous textile researchers, academics, scientists, engineers, growers, and local Iwi (tribes), documenting the journey to develop circular designed, native plant fiber materials and textiles, towards helping to connect people back to the land through indigenous ways of knowing.

Richard Kirkland

A seasoned risk professional with over 30 years of risk and financial management experience across private and public sectors, Richard works with the senior leadership teams of various organisations advising on the risk and assurance dimensions of strategy, performance, and change.

He was a lead partner of Deloitte New Zealand financial services risk consulting practice until 2013 when he left to start his practice. He remains a member of the global firm’s Global Financial Services Industries (GFSI) Risk and Capital Management service line. Richard has a strong interest in the emerging impacts of Climate change and the ongoing Transition required to achieve a low emissions future and economic stability.

He has a passion for innovation and the evolution of capability across the fields of risk and financial management to ensure ongoing resilience for communities, business and Government.

Hannah is a zero waste and circular economy advocate and researcher, whose work spans from grassroots to government.

She is a Senior Associate at the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies, Founding Director of The Rubbish Trip, Coordinator of the New Zealand Product Stewardship Council, Policy Spokesperson for Takeaway Throwaways, and an occasional contributor on Ministry for the Environment waste-related advisory groups.

Hannah has a background in law, policy, history and international relations, and has held research and writing positions in various organisations across all branches of government, academia, and civil society.  Hannah is currently living in Poneke (Wellington), but is known to go nomadic at the drop of a hat.

Susan Krumdieck

Susan Pran Krumdieck MNZM is a New Zealand engineering academic.


Currently Professor and Chair in Energy Transition at Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh where she leads the ongoing development and mass adoption of Transition Engineering.


Prior to that she was an academic at the University of Canterbury from 2000 to 2020 and the first woman to be appointed to full professor in engineering in 2014.


Susan earned her PhD from University of Colorado at Boulder in 1999 in high temperature materials for energy systems and fuel cells.

She continues to make a significant contribution to the science and engineering required to effect global Transition to a low emissions and climate safe future.

Stuart Orme

Stuart is a NZ Leadership Trust (2010) alumni and successful Registered Forestry Consultant with extensive experience in the New Zealand land use and management involvement with multiple tree species across the country.

 Has work across all facets of forest operations, processing, marketing and training culminated in establishing a successful full value chain consulting business (Woodnet 2005 Ltd) that went on to help facilitate one of the first vegetation based NZU sale from NZ shortly after the NZ ETS was established.

 Stuart maintains a continuing interest in climate change mitigation and adaptation that can lead to wealth generation, both fiscal and environmental.

He has a passion for good governance and making complex concepts simple to understand.


He has also discovered that there is so much more to learn about flyfishing should you want to have a conversation about the above on the banks of a suitable stream.


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