Lead the Real Transition

A course for leaders going beyond business as usual


Over the past 36 months of intense research and development into Transition, we have concluded that business as usual thinking and approaches won’t come close to delivering the transition that is needed. Most likely if we rely on what we are comfortable with it will make things worse.

All organisations desperately need leaders that are continually finding the next steps on the pathway to our long-term sustainable future and have the required mind-set, tool-set and access to leading edge learning and ongoing support from an evolving and committed community.



You'll already be familiar with the significant challenges of climate change and rapid reductions in carbon emissions and are probably in a management, leadership, directorship or influencer role right now.

Or, you’ll be an interdisciplinary group within an organization that wants to get together and moving at pace.


As part of a group of 6–12 colleagues and kindred spirits you'll work together over six weeks to evolve your own theory of transition and opportunities to make a difference. Sessions are virtual (via Zoom) for 90 minutes each week, with a face to face workshop option available.

The Real Transition programme is led by Grant Symons and Fiona van Petegem and features specialists and content from the THQ network. It is intended that sessions are typically 20-30% 'content provided' and the rest of the time is interactive, situational and self monitored.



  • Enhanced understanding of what is physically and scientifically possible

  • Ability to describe significant drivers to others

  • Insights into significant opportunities and risks

  • Knowledge of pre-conditions for successful transitions

  • Access to an evolving reference community

  • Key definitions, models and approaches

  • Perspectives on growth

  • The big picture on energy transition

  • How to frame transition challenges for innovation

  • Making sense of your Transition interest and developing a theory

  • How to increase influence and progress

Is this course right for us?

The price is $3500 +GST per participant.
Each group includes one 'no fee' place for a student.


This is a unique opportunity to be part of an emerging and ongoing movement dedicated to a Real Transition. Register your interest below to join us and explore the opportunity to make a positive long term impact.

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