Final Presentation of Shift Project Portfolio

This was our final workshop at Masterton Council Waiata House. A mixed group of councillors, public, local Iwi and council staff attended.

This workshop was all about presenting the portfolio of projects that came from the process we followed and the research that we did.

We started by running through the methodology and process we followed. A number of the attendees had been part of the process from start to finish and were able to understand the benefits of the approach.

We presented a shift project portfolio containing 26 separate possible initiatives, which were grouped in the following categories:

  1. Pre-research to explore problem space further

  2. Research – To identify possible opportunities

  3. Standards and legislation change

  4. Technology / product development opportunities

  5. Town planning and zoning opportunities

  6. Change programme opportunities

Healthy Housing was confirmed as priority issue in the Wairarapa and in particular an opportunity for Māori. It was agreed that further research would be required to raise awareness and establish a platform for Transformational thinking and future projects.

Thanks to Masterton District Council and Wellington Regional council

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