100 Years into the Future Workshop Event

On Tuesday, THQ hosted our second workshop in the Wairarapa Project. We had a mixed group including some councillors, local iwi representative and interested members of the public.

At this workshop, we took people on a journey to a future where we have done all the right things, and we have homes that provide comfort and wellbeing to all – particularly the most vulnerable.

Due to the recent move to COVID Alert level 2, the workshop had to adapt. We hosted the event in two ways, online and in person. This worked well, as people had the flexibility to participate in person or at home if they preferred.

The workshop went through the research and some of the history of home comfort and wellbeing at a high level. We went through an introduction of the problems in the present, and then explained the “rules of time travel”. The workshop attendees then were able travel to the Wairarapa 100 years from now and brainstorm their vision for homes in the future. The range of contributors meant we could explore different visions and conclude on one summary vision of the future.

The feedback we received was very positive and people enjoyed themselves at the workshop. The next steps will be to assemble the themes in the vision for the future, which will them be used to create pathways to get this future. These pathways will involve creating shift projects.

Transition HQ will host another event in a months’ time where we will share our research and our suggestions for going forward.

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